Who is eligible for the In-Home Plumbing Protection Plan?
Customers who own a single-family detached residential home. (Refer to the "AM I ELIGIBLE" section of the website and enter your service address to determine if this plan is available in your service area.)
What is the annual coverage limit?
The Plan allows for up to $2,000 of repairs annually and per incident.
Are there any other additional charges when a service call has been made?
Yes. There is a $30 service charge for each service call incident. This charge is payable to the contractor on site before the technician starts work.
If I just gave you a credit card, then why do I have to wait 30 days?
All Plans take effect 30 days after enrollment form is processed, whether you pay by check or with a credit card. The 30 days allows you an opportunity to check all of your documents and home insurance policies and be sure the coverage is right for you. If you cancel within the 30 days we will give you a full refund.
What is covered?
  • All leaking internal clean water pipes (hot or cold), fittings and valves from the point the supply enters the house up to and including the shut-off valve before each fixture.
  • Clogs that cause a toilet to back up / overflow
  • All clogged or broken drain pipes from sinks, showers, tubs, toilets and laundry to the point the drain exits the house
  • Blocked sewer vents
Is the main shut-off valve in the house covered also?
What is definitively not covered?
All fixtures and appliances such as faucets, toilet components, all kitchen goods, showers, sinks and tubs etc. This product is designed to protect the pipes that carry fresh water and waste water around the house, not the fixtures or appliances where water is used. (See the terms and conditions for more details.).
My internal water and/or sewer pipe(s) are frozen and I have no water or cannot flush down wastewater, is it covered?
No, your pipes are only frozen and not broken. The Plan is for broken, clogged, or leaking water or sewer pipes. It does not provide for the thawing or bypassing of frozen water/sewer pipes. If a leak becomes apparent once the pipe has thawed, then that is covered.
What is the difference between the water pipe(s) and sewer pipe(s)?
The water pipes in your home deliver clean water for drinking, washing, cooking etc. The sewer pipe(s) in your home are to remove used water and waste material out of your home.
Does the Plan cover removal of furniture, wall units etc. to get to the problem?
No. The customer is responsible for making the area of the repair accessible; and therefore, has to get any such obstructions moved first.
Does the Plan cover opening/closing walls or ceilings that may need to be exposed to repair a leaking pipe in wall or ceiling?
The contractor will, within the Plan coverage and where it is safe to do so, open sheetrock to get to the problem. You may be required to first have a test done at your cost for paint containing lead. If lead is present you must arrange for safe opening of the wall before work is performed. You are responsible for closing the wall after the repair is complete. Check your home insurance policy - it may cover the cost of handling lead paint and/or closing the wall.
Does this Plan cover heating/cooling systems, water heaters, softeners or other treatment equipment?


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