If I just gave you a credit card, then why do I have to wait 30 days?
All Plans take effect 30 days after the enrollment form is processed and payment received, regardless of whether you pay by check or with a credit card. The 30 days allows us an opportunity to perform an on-site inspection if we so choose.
Is the main shut-off valve in the house covered? Why not?
The main shut-off valve in your home is not covered. It is the point where the water service line coming into your home ends, and we consider the main valve as part of your internal plumbing.
Where does coverage begin and end?
The Water Line Protection Plan will cover from where your water service line connects to your main water valve in your basement to the curb valve located on your property. In some instances, you may also own and be responsible for the water line in the street, which runs from your curb valve on your property to the water main in the street (we suggest you contact your local water department for clarification.)
Why do I own lines on my property and in the street (if applicable)?
Regulations require that the water line on your property is the homeowner's responsibility, and depending upon your local water department's rules and regulations, you may also be responsible for the water line in the street. (To verify what specific and/or other parts of the water system you own, we suggest that you contact your local water department for clarification.)
What is a curb valve and curb box?
The curb box allows access to the curb valve, and the curb valve is the valve located on your property that can be used to shut off the water in the event of an emergency water line leak.
My pipe is frozen and I have no water, is it covered?
No, your pipes are only frozen, not broken. If the service line does break due to freezing or
thawing, this Plan does not cover any damages.


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