As a homeowner, you are responsible for
the maintenance of your Sewer Line,

the pipe which carries waste water out of your house. It begins in your basement and extends the entire length of your property up to where it meets your local utility's sewer main in the street. The sewer line is buried four to ten feet underground, and over time, unpreventable conditions may cause it to become blocked or collapse, leaving you with the hassle of finding a reliable contractor in a hurry ... and an expensive repair bill that's not usually covered by homeowner's insurance. Your sewer utility has regulations which specify exactly what sewer service equipment is your responsibility.

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Our Service Agreements vary slightly depending on where you live

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With the Safety Valve Sewer Line
Protection Plan, you're covered.
  • One affordable annual fee covers complete repair or replacement of your broken Sewer Service Line, in accordance with your specific community's plan limits

  • The Safety Valve Repair Line is ready to respond to your emergency call 24/7

  • Guaranteed expert emergency repairs by a locally licensed and insured service contractor

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